Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association


The OSSAA does not specifically prohibit students from engaging in certain commercial activities as an individual. These activities, commonly referred to as name, image and likeness (NIL) will not put a student’s amateur status at risk provided the student meets all the requirements for maintaining amateur status in compliance with Rule 5, and there is no violation of rules prohibiting influencing a student to attend or remain at a member school. (Rule 9)

A student may earn compensation from the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL) in compliance with Rule 5, and Rule 9 provided:

• The compensation is not contingent on specific athletic performance or achievement.

• The compensation is not provided as an incentive to enroll or remain enrolled at a specific school.

• The compensation is not provided by the school or any person acting as an agent for the school.

In seeking compensation for name, image and likeness:

• No “marks” may be used, including but not limited to school logos, school name, school mascot, or any trademarked OSSAA logo or acronyms.

• No school apparel or equipment shall be worn which includes school name, school logo, school mascot, or any apparel displaying trademarked OSSAA logos or acronyms.

• No member school facility may be used for the purpose of name, image and likeness compensation.

• No activities in conflict with a member school’s local school district policy may be endorsed. Examples include but are not limited to tobacco or alcohol products.

• Collegiate level associations should be contacted for any rules regarding name, image and likeness for students participating beyond the high school level.

“After extensive research and diligence, the OSSAA has selected Eccker Sports as their partner to provide Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) education, guidance and support to the organization and our stakeholders across the state. Eccker Sports is the National leader in providing these services and have partnerships with 10 other states including Texas (Texas High School Coaches Association), Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts and Mississippi among others. On a statewide basis, Eccker has partnered with the Bedford Agency, led by Bryan Bedford who is a longtime friend and associate of the OSSAA and someone well known in sports circles around the state. Bryan will provide a personal touch to the relationship, act as a liaison between the parties and support the activations of the various NIL and educational programs Eccker provides throughout the state.”