Sports Performance

Athletic Training Program

Under the direction of Ascension St. John Broken Arrow and Tulsa Bone and Joint Associates, Head Athletic Trainer, Daniel Steward, supervises the Athletic Training Program for Broken Arrow Public Schools. He is under the guidance of Team Physician, Dr. Jason Griffin, MD.

The Student Athletic Trainer Aide Program consists of a group of students who are assigned to specific sports teams and provide first aid to BAPS athletes. The Athletic Training Program requires a huge commitment, and students must be highly motivated and willing to put in long hours, as well as have a love for athletics and sports medicine.

In the Athletic Training Program, students will learn about sports medicine, observe professional athletic trainers at work, and help injured athletes with wound care and rehab. Students are expected to dedicate after school hours to the program and are required to accompany their assigned team to team events.

Any students currently in grades 9th or 10th may apply to this program for their 6th hour class for the next school year. They must submit an online application, will need to complete an interview with the Athletic Training Staff, participate in spring football practices, and help run our yearly Mass Physical event prior to being accepted into the program. The program requires a multi-year commitment, preferably their 10th-12th grade years!

The student athletic training aide application is due by March 31 of the preceding school year. Please complete the online application here.

For more information about the Sports Medicine Program at BAHS, please contact the Athletic Trainers at

Athletic Training Staff

Strength and Conditioning Program

Broken Arrow is the only district in the state with three NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certified strength and conditioning coaches on staff. This gives us the ability to train every team, year-round, in one of our 6 weight rooms across the district. We believe health, fitness, and safety should be a priority for all student athletes. To prioritize these qualities, we offer year-round training programs to all 19 varsity sports, as well as, junior high sports. The coaching staff strives to develop strength, power, and speed, all while reducing each sport’s specific risk of injury. Olympic lifts such at clean, jerk, and snatch will be used to increase rate of force development, prep athletes’ bodies for contact in sports and improve overall athleticism. Strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, rows, and bench/military press will be used to increase hypertrophy, strength, and tendon health. Coaches work directly with head coaches to design programs developed to prepare athletes for unique cardiovascular demands.

Broken Arrow Strength and Conditioning also prioritizes nourishment with our Tiger Nutrition Training Table. Our strength staff works directly with the registered dietitians in the Child Nutrition Department. Meals will maximize lean protein and complex carbohydrates while avoiding excess sugar and empty calories. In addition, Tiger Nutrition offers post workout recovery shakes, as well as, fruit and performance snacks to keep our athletes fueled.

Strength and Conditioning Staff

Tulsa Bone and Joint Associates

Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates is the official team physicians and sports medicine providers for Broken Arrow Public Schools. It is the goal of the Tulsa Bone & Joint medical staff and the athletic trainers to get the athlete back to their sport in the healthiest and quickest way possible.

During the football season, our team physician, Dr. Jason Griffin, M.D. attends home and away varsity football games. He is there for immediate injury evaluations and will evaluate other athletes at home games after the football game is done. Dr. Griffin and his staff at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates make an effort to make room for Broken Arrow athletes in their busy schedules. If an athlete is needing a physician evaluation, the Athletic Training staff can assist in setting up appointments with many physicians at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates.